10 reasons to book a family documentary session

10 reasons to book a family documentary sessionNot sure if you want to book a family documentary session? Read on.

Quite different to what you might expect from a studio, a family documentary session is a raw account of family life. It’s a visual diary of sorts; capturing life as it happens, exactly the way it happens with no posing or forced smiles.

The thought of inviting a photographer into your home to document every aspect of family life can be a daunting experience. So if you’ve been on the fence about booking a family documentary photography session, perhaps these 10 reasons below will help you consider whether this might be right for your family.

1.Capture everyday routines

Sometimes we can be too busy living life to stop and take notice of the natural moments unfolding before our eyes. Booking a family documentary photo shoot is a great opportunity to capture the beauty of everyday life from bath time to bedtime and everything in between.

London child photographer photographs toddler having a bubble bath.
Young girl getting changed.

2. Wear whatever you want
You don’t have to worry about what to wear for your documentary family photography session. Just wear whatever is normal clothing for you; whatever makes you feel comfortable. Whether that is a t-shirt and shorts, joggers or your pyjamas.

 Toddler in the kitchen.

3. Remember the little things
Little moments matter. And often times these moments can be overlooked in the hustle and bustle of everyday living. Whether it is getting water from the tap, folding laundry or even watching your kids play together, family documentary photography allows you to preserve these moments to remember forever.

London child photographer photographs toddler and his dad in the kitchen.Mummy and son at homeLondon child photographer photographs toddler in his cot.

4. Let’s not forget genuine expressions
Documenting your family life through storytelling photography allows you to remember not just the cute expressions that your children make but the grins and funny faces too. Instead of forced poses and stiff smiles, you get natural and more authentic expressions to remind you of your children’s personality.

Brother and sister standing by doorCheeky toddler. London documentary family photography.Documentary Newborn & Family Photographer in London 5. Capture natural smiles
With documentary family photography, your children will not be asked to pose for the camera and so they can be themselves naturally. I believe the best portraits are taken when kids are just being themselves and are less aware of the camera.
Little boy holding his 'brave in the chill' t-shirt6. Document important family memories
We make memories with the ones we love everyday. Whether it is through fun family activities or just spending time together. Your memories matter and should be preserved so it becomes timeless family stories.
Family baking cookies together

7. Tantrums are fine
Yes, kids will be kids especially during a photo shoot. With a family documentary photography session, you do not have to worry about tantrums and meltdowns. Documenting your family means capturing tears and tantrums for you to look back on in years to come. These are all a normal part of childhood. 

Toddler sulking on the floor

8. Let the kids be themselves
A photo shoot should be a fun experience for kids. With a family documentary photography session, kids can just be themselves without feeling they need to perform for the camera. Whether they’re playing with their toys, playing dress up or hide and seek, this type of session is a fun, relaxed way of capturing kids as they play.

Little girl playing with toy train tracksToddler going commando nappy-less

9. Preserve moments
Even though memories may fade, your family photography session captures moments that you can remember forever. You can look at a picture and remember that exact moment you may have forgotten otherwise.Toddler boy looking up at dadMother helps young daughter with colouring as toddler climbs table.10. Capture love and affection
Your family documentary photoshoot allows you to capture the love you have for the most important people in your life.Mummy cuddling toddler sonLittle girl and mum cuddle on sofa.

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