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Essex breastfeeding photographer – natural nursing photos

Breastfeeding portraits in Essex now offered by Essex Breastfeeding Photographer Kofo Baptist

I am now offering breastfeeding photography sessions for nursing mothers who would like to document the beautiful bond between mother and child.

Breastfeeding is an achievement that should be celebrated. Yes, I know mothers have been breastfeeding for centuries but every mother’s breastfeeding journey and story is different. And each story deserves to be beautifully told and celebrated.

I breastfed all three of my children exclusively. As much as I loved breastfeeding, I also found it challenging in the early days. As a new mum, I struggled to get my first child to latch on correctly. Breastfeeding was painful. I also felt like I wasn’t making enough milk to feed my baby and I was ridden with guilt. Then I fell ill with mastitis and I felt completely defeated.

My breastfeeding journey was not all doom and gloom though. Thanks to a good round of antibiotics and Lansinoh cream, I went on to breastfeed my baby successfully. By the time I had my second child, I had become a pro at breastfeeding and I didn’t experience half of the breastfeeding challenges that I experienced as a new mum.

I tell you this to let you know that I totally get it. I know that breastfeeding is not easy for everyone. Some days are tiring. Some days are not. There are some days you feel like you’re barely getting by and some days you feel like you’ve got this thing under control. Whether you find breastfeeding easy or hard, the fact that you’re breastfeeding deserves to be celebrated.

A mother breastfeeding her baby in a cafeIf you are a nursing mother and you would like some breastfeeding photos of you and your baby, then contact me so we can arrange your breastfeeding session.

Your session can take place either indoors or outdoors and I will work with you to find the best location for you and your baby. We can meet at your home or outdoors like a park or a local cafe.

This is not the usual traditional ‘posed’ photography but a more natural style of photography. I’ll place you in the best light and give you minimal direction such as where to look and you just do what you do everyday; love, cuddle, and feed your child. It’s as simple as that. No other preparation is necessary.

If you are not breastfeeding and would like to document your feeding session, whether that is pumping or formula feeding, then please contact me as I would love to capture these special moments for you too.

Ready to book your session?
If you’re looking for a nursing photographer to capture forever memories for you and you feel my style is a good fit for you and your baby, then contact me so we can schedule your session. ​​I offer breastfeeding photoshoots in London, Essex and surrounding areas. Be sure to check out the breastfeeding pricing page. You can contact me via email at or on 07464 460 811. I can’t wait to meet you and your baby.

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